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Our bandknife splitting machine is used to cut blocks and slabs made of expanded rubber, PE-forms and similar materials efficiently and economically into thin sheets. The machine can be incorporated into a continuous production line.

 Manufactured for years in Korea by Gong Young Industrial Machine Co. thest machines have been workhorses in the Far East for the manufacturing of sheet goods, the foils, and soles for the shoe industry. In distributing them to the North American market, Worldwide Machinery provides a highly capable splitting machine at a much lower cost then a Fecken-Kirfel or Baumer.

Partnership with

Gong Young Industrial Machine Co.

GONG YOUNG Ind. Machinery Co. is devoted to satisfying customers through top-north technology and quality, and elevating mainstream products to build up corporate value maker in the Band Knife Splitting Machine and Expanded Rubber Foam Industry.

Since the establishment in 1975, Gong Young Ind. Machinery Co. has grown into a professional maker in the Band Knife Splitting Machine and Expanded Rubber Foam industry and manufactured high-quality machines and foam. They've been supplying heir equipment to the U.S., Switzerland, Sweeden, the U.K., Japan, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

Following the global era, Gong Young will devote to continue developing technologies and making investment for perfect products. Gong Young's strength is that it has superior accuracy, durability and sophisticate design comparing to the ones made in other countries. With the business principle of trust and customer satisfaction, Gong Young will become an enterprise in the Band Knife Splitting Machine and Expanded Rubber Foam industry with strong responsibility.

Introduction of

Gong Young Skivers

This heavy duty line of skivers has been the workhorse of the Far East for well over 40 years, as well as North America and EU since 2002. In that time, Gong Young (GY) has made over 1,000 skivers and placed them in over 40 different countries.

 GY along with customer input is continuously improving their machines, culminating in the 2015 lineup of four different machines.

 These skivers provide an outstanding total value as they will provide years of reliable service, minimal maintenance costs at a very reasonable cost.

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